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Welding and cutting safety. Many hazards are associated with welding and cutting safety , but as in any other operations they can be controlled by appropriate preventive measures. Unless these measures are taken, the hazardous situations can easily give rise to personnel injury and/or material damage.  Compared to most other industrial jobs, welding is dangerous. The occupational and health hazards of welding and cutting can be avoided with proper equipment, safe materials, and a proper training measures. 

Most Frequently Cited OSHA ViolationsWelding and Cutting

  • 350(a)(9) Cylinders secured upright
  • 350(a)(10) – Oxygen cylinder storage
  • 350(a)(1) Valve protection caps
  • 351(b)(2) Cables Spliced or in need of repair – in use
  • 350(h) Regulators/gauges in working order
  • 353(b)(1) Inadequate ventilation while welding within a confined spac

Course Length: 1 Hour