OSHA maintains general industry regulations on walking/working surfaces that guard against hazards including clutter, protr uding objects and wet conditions. These hazards can harm everyone in a facility, regardless of title or job responsibilities.

Slips can be caused by wet surfaces, spills, or weather hazards like ice or snow. Slips are more likely to occur when you hurry or run, wear the wrong kind of shoes, or don’t pay attention to where you’re walking.

You can help avoid slips by following these safety precaution;

  • Practice safe walking skills. Take short steps on slippery surfaces to keep your center of balance under you and
    point your feet slightly outward.
  • Clean up or report spills right away, even minor spills can be verydangerous.
  • Don’t let grease accumulate at your work place.
  • Be extra cautious on smooth surfaces such as newly waxed floors.
  • Be careful walking on loose carpeting.