Roadway Safety

Safety for job-site hazards – Be aware of bystanders and fellow workers:

Operating or traveling on public roads-

  • Only when absolutely necessary.
  • Must have proper lighting and marking to assure visibility.
  • Additional light beacons, slow moving vehicle (SMV) emblem or other devices may require installation.
  • Keep warning devices clean and in working condition.
  • Move equipment at off-peak hours, but in daylight when possible.
  • Use escort vehicle when possible.
  • Keep loads and loader bucket low.

Stay alert for traffic and roadside obstacles.

  • Do not work near overhead utility lines
  • Use barricades or signal person to keep vehicles or pedestrians away
  • Use the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Consider travel path conditions
    • Steep terrain
    • Soft soil
    • Loose gravel
    • Rutting
    • Uneven ground transitions