International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS)
Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA)

  • Who do security regulations apply to?
    33CFR101 applies to all vessels and facilities that impact or travel upon the marine transportation system…including commercial vessels.
    ISPS Code is applicable to vessels on an international voyage over 500 GT, or a passenger vessel on an international voyage with greater than 12 passengers.

Since ISPS Code applies to vessels over 500 GT and MTSA applies to vessels over 100 GT there is a gap MTSA applies to vessels over 100 GT, there is a gap in applicability for vessels of 100-499 GT with these regulations.  If they fall within that gap, vessels have a choice to get an ISSC from their Flag state or submit a security plan to the Coast Guard for approval and comply with 33 CFR 104


Course Length: 1 Hour