Scissor Lifts Rescue Options

Reviewing rescue options

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  • Platform auxiliary controls: Attempt to use in the event that the primary platform controls stop responding
  • Platform installed self-rescue system: These systems are typically after-market devices that can be mounted in the platform to allow the operator to self-rescue by attaching the system to the D-ring on their harness, exiting the platform and using the device to lower themselves to the ground. Keep in mind extensive training is required with these systems.
  • Personal self-rescue system: Use in the event of a fall or ejection from the platform. These after-market devices can be mounted to the operator’s full-body harness. Again, extensive training is required with this device.
  • Suspension trauma safety straps: These lightweight systems mount onto the side straps of the operator’s harness and can be quickly used in the event of a fall or ejection. The straps contained in a case allow the operator to stand up in their harness to relieve the pressure being applied to arteries and veins until they can be rescued.

Options for assisted rescues

  • Primary ground controls
  • Auxiliary ground controls
  • Use of secondary MEWP

Please note that any of these rescues should only be carried out by appropriately trained personnel.

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