Specific Scaffold -§1926.452(s)Float (ship) scaffolds

Float (ship) scaffolds.

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(1) The platform shall be supported by a minimum of two bearers, each of which shall project a minimum of 6 inches (15.2 cm) beyond the platform on both sides. Each bearer shall be securely fastened to the platform.

(2) Rope connections shall be such that the platform cannot shift or slip.

(3) When only two ropes are used with each float:

(i) They shall be arranged so as to provide four ends which are securely fastened to overhead supports.

(ii) Each supporting rope shall be hitched around one end of the bearer and pass under the platform to the other end of the bearer where it is hitched again, leaving sufficient rope at each end for the supporting ties.

Specific Requirements:

  • Platforms must be supported by and securely fastened to a minimum of two bearers extending at least 6 inches beyond the platform on both sides.
  • Rope connections must not allow the platform to shift or slip.
  • When only two ropes are used with each float
    • Ropes must be arranged to provide four ends that are securely fastened to overhead supports.
    • Each rope must
      • Be hitched to one end of the bearer.
      • Pass under the platform and be hitched again at the other end.
      • Leave enough rope for supporting ties.
  • Each employee on a float (ship) scaffold must be protected by a personal fall-arrest system.