Section 9 Physical and Chemical Properties

This section identifies physical and chemical properties associated with the substance or mixture. The minimum required information consists of:

Appearance (physical state, color, etc.)Upper/lower flammability or explosive limits;
OdorVapor pressure
Odor thresholdVapor density
PHRelative density
Melting point/freezing pointSolubility (ies.)
Initial boiling point and boiling rangePartition coefficient: n-octanol/water
Flash pointAuto-ignition temperature
Evaporation rateDecomposition temperature
Flammability (solid/gas)Viscosity

The SDS may not contain every item on the above list because information may not be relevant or is not available. When this occurs, a notation to that effect must be made for that chemical property. Manufacturers may also add other relevant properties, such as the dust deflagration index (Kst) for combustible dust, used to evaluate a dust’s explosive potential.