Slings and Rigging Hardware

Rigging equipment includes all elements and devices used to hoist, pull, push, and lift large objects in industries such as construction, engineering, and event staging. Rigging equipment are the devices that are used to both secure and distribute the weight of the lifted objects safely onto the moving devices. Moving devices depend on the type of rigging job that needs to be done. For example, a jack is used for lifting, skates and dollies are used for pushing, chains, hooks and tie downs are used for pulling, and chain hoists are used for lifting. Sometimes objects are too heavy to use the previous equipment mentioned and heavy equipment like cranes, forklifts, twinlifts, and risers need to be used. To secure the heavy object onto a crane for example, you will need rigging equipment. Rigging equipment is diverse and is specialized for the load being moved and the environment needed to move the object. Some examples include wire rope slings, webbing slings, chain slings, metal mesh slings, spread beams, and various rigging hardware. 


Slings are the most commonly used rigging material because they are required in order to hold suspended loads from heavy equipment like cranes and forklifts. There are multiple kinds of slings which are made of different materials including wire, chain, mesh and synthetic material.