How to Use Load Charts

Some load charts include the available line pull for each layer of wire rope. As wraps on the drum increase, the line speed will increase -however available line pull decreases. Item Required by ANSI B30.5-1.1.3 Load Rating Chart and OSHA 1926.1433.

Only load charts that are found in the equipment operation manual or posted by the manufacturer in the equipment should be used. The load charts are specific to the make, model and configuration of a specific piece of equipment. Don’t forget to include adjustments for buckets, boom extensions, load blocks, hoisting rope and other attachments that will alter the lifting capacity of the crane or equipment used to perform the lift. For example, the weights of hooks, blocks, buckets, slings and other handling devices must be added to the load or deducted from the equipment lift capacity.

Planning ahead and knowing that the equipment you intend to use has a capacity to lift the pipe, trench boxes and materials that will have to be moved ensures a safer, more efficient job. It will also reduce the possibility of damaging the equipment due to overloading and/or tipping over.

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