Center of Gravity

The center of gravity is an important concept in determining the stability of a structure. It’s the reason why a good homeowner will keep the top branches of his trees trimmed. It’s also the reason why a pick-up truck might not be the best vehicle choice for a first time driver. Stability is maximized in objects with a lower center of gravity and a wide base. The taller and more top-heavy an object, the more likely it is to tip over when it is tilted by a force. This figure demonstrates a bus driving on two different grades; the second one is steep enough to cause the center of gravity to fall outside of the base of the vehicle, which will cause it to topple over.


This section will review why the the location of the Centre of Gravity (CG) of the load to be lifted is a very important consideration. If the CG is not exactly centered it will affect the tension in each sling and, if the sling legs are of equal length, the load will tilt when lifted. There are many considerations and to find the exact CG is not always an easy task.

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