Powered industrial trucks, commonly called forklifts or lift trucks, are used in many industries, primarily to move materials. They can also be used to raise, lower, or remove large objects or a number of smaller objects on pallets or in boxes, crates, or other containers. Powered industrial trucks can either be ridden by the operator or controlled by a walking operator.

The hazards commonly associated with powered industrial trucks vary depending on the vehicle type and the workplace where the truck is used.

The scope provisions of 1910.178(a), which are based on ANSI B56.1-1969, cover:

Fork trucks, tractors, platform lift trucks, motorized hand trucks and other specialized industrial trucks powered by electric motors or internal combustion engines.

The standard does not apply to compressed air or non-flammable compressed gas-operated industrial trucks, farm vehicles or vehicles intended primarily for earth moving or over the road hauling.

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