OSHA 300 Logs

OSHA Form 300: Recording a Fatality

For cases involving a fatality, enter a checkmark in column G and note in column whether the fatality was a cause of injury or illness.  Remember that you must report the fatality to OSHA within 8 hours of learning of its occurrence.  One can call the local OSHA office by using OSHA 800 # (1-800-321-6742).

 OSHA Form 300: Recording a Case with Days Away From Work

For days that involve one or more days away from work, place a check in column H, and enter the number of days the employee was away from work in column K.  Then note in column M whether the case involves an injury or illness.When counting days, be sure to count the days the employee would not have been able to work regardless of whether he or she was scheduled to work. This would include weekends and holidays. Do not count the day of the injury.

OSHA Form 300: Recording a Case with Restricted Work Activity or Job Transfer

For cases that involve restricted work activity or job transfer you place a check in column I and enter the number of calendar days the employee was restricted in column L.  In column M note whether case involves an injury or illness. An employee is considered restricted if he or she is unable to work a full shift or is unable to perform all the work activities he or  she would be expected to do at least once during a week.  If a case involves both days away from work AND days of restricted work activity, place a check in column H, leave column I blank and enter the correct day counts in both columns K and L.

OSHA Form 300: Recording a Case with Medical Treatment beyond First Aid

For cases that involve medical treatment beyond first aid, place a check in Column J, then note in column M, whether the case involves and injury or illness.