Patient Packaging

Packaging a patient

Ideally, all patients will be ready for transport upon arrival of the Helicopter, however, flight crews are a valuable On-Scene resource for patient packaging, for extended scene time, the pilot will shut the helicopter down.

Materials to Use

  • Folding litter
  • Litter/Back-board
  • Blankets
  • Padding
  • (subject’s clothes/pack/sack/pad)

Positioning on Litter

Litter is main tool – developed in 1895 by Charles Stokes

Remain secure in the litter, any of five positions:

  • horizontal
  • on their side
  • feet down
  • head down
  • face down
  • Normal position: horizontal or feet down, start with splinting/wound management
  • Padding beneath patient, litter pads may not be enough, under knees, between legs, along sides, around head, not under neck
  • Never leave subject unattended, always have plan if need to tip/roll patient
  • Strap subject in tight, don’t depend on seat belts
  • On-going care: pulse/vitals, ask subject if they feel numbness/ tingling/hot spots (indicates straps too tight or loose)
  • Secured Airway – 100% O2 if trained to administer
  • Full Spinal Immobilization