Table Saws

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  • On/off switch should be located at knee height — so you can turn off machine while your hands are on the material
  • Blade must be guarded
  • Automatic brake a good safety feature

Table Saw — Kickback

  • Back of the blade, as it rises out of table, is the critical “kickback zone”
  • Material tends to be lifted off of the table
  • If wood moves sideways at this point, it will be caught by the rotational motion and will be flung back toward the operator!

Preventing Kickbacks

  • Use a splitter or wedge inserted into the saw kerf to separate material
  • Make sure rip fence is perfectly parallel to the blade

OSHA requires splitter and anti-kickback pawls for hand-fed ripsaw..

OSHA does not required a splitter and anti-kickback pawls for hand-fed crosscut saw

  • Metal fins, secured behind and in line with the blade — must move freely & not stick open
  • Anti-kickback pawls also attached

Table Saw – Push Sticks

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