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In these devices and employee places the part in a magazine which is then fed into the point of operation.  Automatic and semiautomatic ejection methods include pneumatic (jet of air), magnetic, mechanical *such as an arm), or vacuum.

  • Automatic / semiautomatic feed
  • Automatic / semiautomatic ejection
  • Robots

Automatic Feed (shown on power press)

Many feeding and ejection methods do not require operators to place their hands in the danger area. In some cases, no operator involvement is necessary after the machine is set up.  In other situations, operators can manually feed the stock with the assistance of a feeding mechanism.  Properly designed ejection methods do not require operator involvement after the machine starts to function.

Using feeding and ejection methods does not eliminate the need for safeguarding.  Guards and other devices must be used wherever they are necessary to provide protection from hazards.

Automatic feeds reduce the operator exposure during the work process, and sometimes do not require any effort by the operator after the machine is set up and running.

The power press shown in the photo above has an automatic feeding mechanism.  Notice the transparent fixed enclosure guard at the danger area.