Written Program for Lead Awareness

Written programs shall include:

  • A description of each operation in which lead is emitted such as:
    • Machinery used
    • Material processed
    • Controls in place
    • Crew size
    • Employee job responsibilities
    • Operating procedures and maintenance
  • A report of the technology considered in meeting the PEL.
  • Air monitoring data which document the resource of lead emissions.
  • A detailed schedule for implementation.
  • A work practice program which includes items required.
  • Written programs must be revised and undated at least annually to reflect the current status of the program.
  • Ventilation can be used to control exposure such as capture velocity, duct velocity, and/or fan.
  • If air from exhaust ventilation is re-circulated into the workplace, systems must have a high efficiency filter and a reliable back up filter.
  • If administrative controls are used as a means of reducing employees time weighted average (TWA) exposure to lead, employers shall establish and implement a job rotation schedule.
    • Name of each affected employee.
    • Duration and exposure level at each job or worksite where each effected employee is located.
    • Any other information that may be useful to assessing the level of control exposure.