Scope of Training: This course is designed to teach personnel to properly perform firewatch duties which include site evaluation, fire prevention, incipient fire fighting techniques, and monitoring during hot work activities.

As per regulations 29 CFR –1915.508 (e)(1)(i-iv)

Course Length: 3-4 hours

Course Objectives: At the completion of the course, a student trainee should be able to:

  • Identify the four elements of a fire and understand and what is necessary to extinguish a fire
  •  Name the different classes of fire identified by the NFPA Fire Classification System
  •  Demonstrate skills needed to chose and operate the correct type of portable fire extinguisher needed for the type of fire
  • Inspect an area for fire prevention before any hot work begins
  •  Define the term “Intrinsically Safe”
  •  Define the term “Explosion Proof”
  •  Understand the principles behind grounding and bonding
  •  Discuss the use of a hot work permits