Using Wrench

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Do not use a Wrench…..

  • Do not use push on a wrench – losing your balance is more likely if the wrench slips.
  • Do not use a wrench that is bent handle or damaged.
  • Do not use worn adjustable wrenches. Inspect the knurl, jaw, and pin for wear.
  • Do not pull on an adjustable wrench that is loosely adjusted.
  • Do not use pipe wrenches on nuts or bolts.
  • Do not use pipe wrenches for lifting or bending pipes.
  • Do not use a wrench on moving machinery.
  • Do not use the wrong tools for the job. Never use pliers instead of a wrench or a wrench as a hammer.
  • Do not use a make-shift wrench.
  • Do not insert a shim in a wrench for a better fit.
  • Do not strike a wrench (except a “strike face” wrench) with a hammer, or similar object, to gain more force.