Injuries caused by Powered hand tools

Compared to the high number of people injured in accidents involving power tools each year—900,000—the 5,800 injuries caused by power drills seems almost minuscule. Unless, of course, you’re one of those who were injured by a power drill.

While drill injuries aren’t as numerous as  table saw injuries, it’s clear all power tools including hand drills, circular saws and nail guns can cause serious injuries such as torn wrist muscles or severe burns.

Some of the causes of injuries may be caused by the inattention of the user, getting interrupted while working, the inexperience of the use, being over confident, faulty equipment or not using the right tool for the job.  Fatal accidents are rare, but they do still occur.

Employees and employers should work together to establish safe working procedures. If a hazardous situation is encountered, it should be brought immediately to the attention of the proper individual for hazard abatement.

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