All Employers must establish a written program for power tools, conduct tool safety training for users, perform inspections, ensure all tools are in good working condition, make sure employees have the correct tool for the job, maintain all tools in a safe condition and replace all worn or broken tools.  Power tools can be very useful but also very dangerous.  In this course we will outline safety measures to midigate your safety while using power tools.  Broken or worn equipment, as well as employees untrained in proper equipment use, can result in severe injuries that may cause you to miss several days or weeks worth of work or even cause permanent disability.

 Reference Standard
Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Subpart P Hand and Portable Powered Tools including:
− 29 CFR 1910.242, Hand and Portable Powered Tools and Equipment, General;
− 29 CFR 1910.243, Guarding of Portable Powered Tools; and
− 29 CFR 1910.244, Other Portable Tools and Equipment.