Determining Your Load

Determining Your Load

  • Load charts are based on gross capacities. What this means is you must determine the entire weight to be lifted.
  • Net capacity is the load itself that you will be picking up.
  • Gross capacities include your load(net capacity) + all of your rigging, and crane deductions(weight of headache ball, block, jib(stowed or erected weight)

Range Diagrams:  

These are crane specific charts that show a physical representation of the cranes/loads position based on its configuration. These are used to plan your lift prior to doing it.

Quadrant of Operations

  • Normal quadrant of operations are over front, over sides, and over rear. Now some load charts list 360. The main difference is that cranes will have different capacities depending on which quadrant the lift is occurring.
  • Over the front typically has the most capacity.
  • With 360 the benefit is that you don’t have to consider which quadrant the lifting is occurring.


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