Confined Space E&A – Entry Supervisor

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1926.1210 – Duties of entry supervisors

The entry supervisor must also understand:

  • Communication plans between the entrant and attendant
  • Rescue plans and services
  • How to oversee the confined space entry operations and routinely verify ongoing conditions

The entry employer must ensure that each entry supervisor:1926.1210(a)

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Is familiar with and understands the hazards that may be faced during entry, including information on the mode, signs or symptoms, and consequences of the exposure;1926.1210(b)

Verifies, by checking that the appropriate entries have been made on the permit, that all tests specified by the permit have been conducted and that all procedures and equipment specified by the permit are in place before endorsing the permit and allowing entry to begin;1926.1210(c)

Terminates the entry and cancels or suspends the permit as required by ยง1926.1205(e);1926.1210(d)

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Verifies that rescue services are available and that the means for summoning them are operable, and that the employer will be notified as soon as the services become unavailable;1926.1210(e)

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Removes unauthorized individuals who enter or who attempt to enter the permit space during entry operations; and1926.1210(f)

Determines, whenever responsibility for a permit space entry operation is transferred, and at intervals dictated by the hazard

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