Precautions To Take

Precautions To Take

Broken Glassware

  • Broken glassware should be sterilized with an approved disinfectant solution before it is disturbed or cleaned up.
  • Glassware that has been decontaminated may be disposed of in an appropriate sharps container
  • Don’t pick up broken glassware with your hands


  • Recap needles only with a mechanical device.
  • Use forceps, pliers, or broom and dust pan to move needles
  • Never break or shear needles.
  • Needles must be disposed in labeled sharps containers

Rules to Follow 

  • Treat all blood or potentially infectious body fluids as if they are contaminated.
  • Always wear personal protective equipment in exposure situations.
  • Replace PPE that is torn or punctured.
  • Replace PPE that is torn or punctured.
  • Remove PPE before leaving the work area.
  • Properly disinfect or dispose of used PPE
  • Wash hands immediately after removing PPE