MEWP Self Rescue

Platform Self Rescue

Platform-Installed Self-Rescue System – In the case where the platform controls are not responding and there are no other workers in the area who can provide assistance, a platform-installed self-rescue system may be employed. These systems are typically after-market devices that can be mounted in the platform that allow the operator to self-rescue by attaching the system to the front D-ring on their harness, exiting the platform and using the device to lower themselves to the ground.

Operators must receive extensive training on the use of the system and machine manufacturer approval prior to installing the system on the machine. Whenever an individual is suspended in air, it is critical that they continuously pump their legs (as if riding a bicycle) to minimize the likelihood of suspension trauma injury.

Any situation which prevents the platform being lowered to the ground by the operator using the normal controls, there will be needs for a clear plan to bring the platform and occupants safely to the ground in a timely manner.