Administrative Controls

Perform routine cleanup using wet methods or HEPA filtered vacuuming to minimize the accumulation of toxic dusts.
• Do not use compressed air to clean as this will create dust in the air.
• Clean and decontaminate tarps and other equipment on the worksite.
• Schedule blasting when the least number of workers are at the site.
• Avoid blasting in windy conditions to prevent the spread of any hazardous materials.

Personal Hygiene Practices

  • Prohibit eating, drinking, or using tobacco products in blasting areas.
  • Provide wash stations so workers can wash their hands and face routinely and before eating, drinking, or smoking.
  • Vacuum or remove contaminated work clothes before eating, drinking or smoking.
  • Provide accommodations for end-of-shift showers and change areas with separate storage facilities for street clothes, protective clothing and equipment.
  • Keep contaminated clothing and equipment out of the clean change area.